Things that I want the deleted scene to be:

-The gay bar scene

-Sherlock teaching John to dance

-The gay bar scene

-John and Sherlock interacting at least semi-happily

-The gay bar scene.

Things that the deleted scene will be:

-John riding his bike

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Mennonites are Christians, living in isolated farming communities and fiercely protective of their privacy. They reject modern technology and follow a way of life that has not changed since the 16th century. They tend the fields and raise cattle, mostly to produce cheese. Their language is an old dialect of medieval German called Plattdeustch. They don’t allow marriage outside their community. As the 21st century brings modernity almost everywhere, Mennonites have found a place to settle in what they perceive is a little developed Bolivia, where they have enough isolation and freedom to follow their tradition without having to compromise their values.

Photographer Jordi Busque was awarded a 2014 Getty Images Editorial Grant for his project Mennonites of Bolivia. Read more about Jordi and the the project.




Can we please stop making fun of people who are over 20 and are still virgins

Can we please stop making fun of people who are not interested in sex/are repulsed by sex

Can we please stop making fun of people who aren’t interested in a sexual or romantic relationship

Can we please stop making fun of people

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

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The Great Unanswered Question:

What the hell happens to every country on the planet that isn’t the US in YA dystopias


Hahaha, that tag!

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So stupid.
The only gays that seem to appear on mainstream TV tend to be really camp gays.